zorst.com exhaust flamethrower kits


Our standard exhaust flamethrower kits are all electric, installation is simple and only requires basic wiring and drilling a single hole into the exhaust tip. With our standard exhaust flamethrower kit no extra fuel or injection is required, no extra tanks or lines to put in. Everything to get flames is handled by our proprietary electronic control module at the push of a button. When our flamethrower kits are not in use they have no effect at all, it is only when you push the control button that you will get flames, the flames can be used while driving or when sitting stationary although we recommend them for off street and show use only.
--- the kits are all electric and don't use any extra fuel making them safe to use off street when following our instructions.....


These are for some seriously big flames, using our extreme flamethrower kit you can get 20+ foot long flames from almost any vehicle! All extreme flamethrower kits use our standard exhaust flamethrower kit as a base, these should only be used sensibly by someone who understands what there working with, if you are interested in setting your vehicle up with some nice big extreme flames please contact us and we will advise on the best extreme flamethrower setup for your vehicle and desired results. If you are not experienced in performing mechanical modifications on your vehicle then these are not for you.
While we don't think these are necessary on a daily driver we definitely think they are the best think you can do to draw a crowds attention to your show car or promotions vehicle!

- no modification or attempt to create a fuel injection system should be attempted with any of our kits, doing so could be dangerous.