zorst.com exhaust flamethrower kits


Will this work on my car?
The Flame Thrower Kit is available for both single and dual exhaust systems and is engineered to fit almost all vehicles. With an incredibly easy installation and detailed instructions. Our Exhaust Flamethrower kits will work on any car, motor bike, truck, Jap import sports car, hot rod, classic or even just your standard family/get around car.

How big are the flames?
You can expect flames between 20cm - 80cm or much bigger on some cars, you can always control the size of flame your shooting. Regardless of size the effect is always incredible. Every car will give a slightly different effect which is not always possible to predict, typically you can expect to get a tight blue jet style flame from a Jap sports car through to big bellowing flames pouring out the back of american muscle cars. To get a feel for what style of flames you should expect take a look at our videos. One thing is for sure, whatever the style of flames your car puts out, Its sure to turn heads!

How do the Flamethrowers work?
The flame thrower kit safely lights up fuel coming out of the exhaust pipe at the tip, using our proprietary flamethrower control module the kit works in with your vehicle to get the right mix for a flame when you want it, the flamethrowers can be turned on and off by a switch that you can fit in a convenient place. When not in use the flamethrower kit will have absolutely no effect over the regular performance of your vehicle.

Is It legal?
We are not aware of any law against the fitment of our flamethrower kit to your car but they are for off road use only. Cops just don't like these things for some reason???? So to be safe just don't go shooting big flames while your driving around on public roads, having them fitted is fine. To be sure check you local laws.

Can anyone see that i have a flamethrower kit installed?
Once installed the flamethrower kit is very discreet and would be highly unlikely for anyone looking at your car to know they are fitted, Unless of course you show them what happens when you push the button!

How long before i can be shooting flames?
Delivery will typically take between 2 - 7 days and installation will take about an hour.

Is it hard to install the flamethrower kit?
Installation is incredibly easy, all kits are supplied with detailed instructions to walk you through the setup in a clear step by step process that could be followed by almost anyone. If you prefer to have the installation done for you it could be done by almost any mechanic, exhaust shop or auto electrician.

Can I change the size of the flames and turn the flames off?
Yes you have full control over the size of the flames while operating them and have a on/off so that they are only flaming when you choose.

If i have dual exhausts do i need 2 flamethrower kits?
If you have dual exhaust outlets then you will need to order our dual exhaust kit. Cars like a Nissan 300zx and many Hot Rod's will have a separate pipe coming down each side, these definitely require a dual exhaust kit. For systems with twin tips from one pipe it depends where the pipes split,

Do i need a special exhaust system for flamethrowers?
The flamethrowers can work with any exhaust system as long as its in good condition, there is no problem installing the kit with cannon mufflers and it can even be used on trucks and ute's running upright exhaust stacks. All standard and after market muffler systems are compatible.

What do the flamethrowers work really well on?
Our flamethrower kit is engineered to work on all cars, while different cars can produce different looking flames the effect is always one that will impress!
Jap Imports work really well with this setup especially cars like nissan skylines, GTR's, 300zx's, silvia's, 180's, 200sx's, Toyota mr2's, supra's, soarar's, mitsubishi lancer's, GTO's and all other imports. A engine with a turbo will enhance the flames and they will also work fine if NOS is setup.
Holden's and Ford's also work really well with the flamethrowers because of there big engines. V8 engines and HSV's are great for getting big flames.
Cars with carbies especially large carbureted engines can shoot massive yellow/red flames.

What about the catalytic converter?
The catalytic converter(cat) that is installed on late model cars can cause a decrease in the performance of your flamethrowers. Typically after a cat gets over a couple years old they have deteriorated so much that there effect is negligible and they should not interfere with your flamethrowers performance. To improve flames the cat could be removed or cleaned out which will also improve engine performance.(This should be done for off-street use only) We cant guarantee the performance of our flamethrowers on your vehicle if you have a functioning cat.

A word about safety! When used as intended our flame throwers are safe, always remember safety first and check what's behind you before you push that little red button. Don't tamper with, modify or add to the system we supply.

I have more Questions!
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.